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localized group names?
by Kenneth Rogers
16 years
ldapmodify doesnot allow to add
by Mr raju varghese
16 years
Maximum number objects
16 years
Is it safe to use slapcat for live ldap server backups?
by Marc Rovner
16 years
Re: ldapadd fails with "ldap_add: No such object (32)"
by Kurt D. Zeilenga
16 years
Re: Is back-sql production ready ?
by Gavin Henry
16 years
several replication questions
by Sepp
16 years
Copying database files from one platform to another
by François Beretti
16 years
{Kerberos} Support in openldap
by john d
16 years
problems with existing entries disappearing
by Antonio Broughton
16 years
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