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This mailing list is for engineering discussions regarding the development of OpenLDAP Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP). That is, this list is for discussing the development of code distributed as part of OpenLDAP Software, JLDAP, and JDBC-LDAP packages. Formal patch submission should be made using our Issue Tracking System (ITS). All developers of OpenLDAP Software should subscribe to this list. The list is semi-moderated and has moderate volume.

Note:The OpenLDAP-devel mailing list should NOT be viewed as a convenient way of contacting the developers of OpenLDAP Software. Topics which distract from the list purpose should be directed elsewhere. Discussions regarding the use of OpenLDAP Software, including use of provided SDKs, should be directed to the OpenLDAP-technical mailing list. General LDAP questions should be directed to the U-Mich LDAP list <>.

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