I have noticed the same issue when talking to an AD server (very recent version, I think 2012 or so). In fact, I think either AD or ldapsearch is encoding the values values in Base64. I will soon know more because I will start to use the results in a real app. Maybe we have to decode them explicitly.

It's easy to do the detection (emcoded or not), as in ldapsearch, the key is followed by two columns instead of one. Example below:

cn:: SGFucyBSw7xja21hbm4=

is decoding to Hans Rückmann (hope the mailing list will transport it correctly, its a U-umlaut after the R).


P.S. tests done with http://www.base64decode.org/

On 22.05.14 15:56, Nicolas Cauchie wrote:
Hello there

I use a Debian 7.4 server with ldapsearch to search data about users on an Active Directory database.

When a result of a search contains specials characters (such as é, è, à), no result is given, but if I delete special characters to the user profile, it works.

How could I make it work with special caracters (guess it's a UTF-8 problem ?) ?

Thanks in advance

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