Hello everyone,

I’m new on OpenLdap and I discover it since 2 or 3 month. Actually I’m working on using of password policies, and I encounter some problems when I try to get the password Policy control on my Java Application.

In my case, I use JNDI connection and I make my connection like this :


Control controls[]={new BasicControl("")};

ld= new InitialLdapContext(env, controls); // env contains url connection, Credential, password and kind of authentification

javax.naming.ldap.Control[] controls = ld.getResponseControls();



In result of this action, I receive one control object, but I don’t know how to use it to obtains the control message associated to my user (account blocked for example or number of grace that I can use etc.).

Do you know a good tutorial that explain how can I use password policies control in my application, or something else like that ?



Thanks for your time spent on my message J




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