Thank you Howard, I missed that option.

De: Howard Chu <>
Enviado: jueves, 2 de abril de 2020 13:06
Para: Lasa Martxel <>; <>
Asunto: Re: Multiple OpenLDAP client instances with the c library

Lasa Martxel wrote:
> Hello Howard,
> I have tried that, but without success.
> I have had a look at the tls implementation, and once the tls context is created and initialized, it is only destroyed when the reference count to the context
> is 0, which happens when the context is destroyed.
>>From what I've seen, the context is destroyed when the program exits (atexit callback).
> The tls context contains the client certificates among other things, so I can't reinitialize it with the new ones for the second instance.
> I may be missing something.

Yes. Read the ldap_set_option(3) manpage more carefully. Use LDAP_OPT_X_TLS_NEWCTX.

> Thanks!
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> *De:* Howard Chu <>
> *Enviado:* jueves, 2 de abril de 2020 12:31
> *Para:* Lasa Martxel <>; <>
> *Asunto:* Re: Multiple OpenLDAP client instances with the c library
> Lasa Martxel wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm using the openldap c client library (2.4.45).
>> I would like to somehow have two client instances (not necessarily simultaneously) within the same application, but I'm having issues with the second instance I
>> create.
>> I have not found a way to clear the global options so the new ones (different ca cerficiate, different client certificate) can be used with the second instance.
>> With the second ldap_initialize, global options are already initialized. Same with the TLS context, it's initialized too.
> So just use ldap_set_option on the second LDAP* handle and change the options.
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