I look with phpldapadmin and i see :

Computers : nothing has been copied
Domains : nothing has been copied
Groups : 46 copied (50 on master)
systems: Ok
Users : 1 (50 on master)

I removed updatedn directive
I added :" index entryUUID,entryCSN eq" on both servers
I added: 'loglevel stats sync'

I don't understand why the system make the sync but not complete it ! it is mad !


Buchan Milne wrote:
On Sunday 17 February 2008 14:54:13 Alain Siani wrote:

_My problem :_
I would like to have a replication server and i don't understand why all
data are not copied to the replication server,
i use rootdn to do sync...i should be able to copy all data...it start
to copy but don't copy all data...

How did you determine this? How many entries are in your database?

I note the following issues in your config:
1)updatedn in your syncrepl statement does not belong there, it is not a valid 
syncrepl parameter
2)You don't have the sycnrepl indexes (for entryCSN, entryUUID) configured
3)To see what syncrepl is doing, you may want to have 'loglevel stats sync', 
instead of 'loglevel 256'.

While improvements are made to syncrepl all the time, I have some servers that 
have been running 2.3.11/2.3.13 without problems for two years (they were 
upgraded to 2.3.40 a week ago). I would advocate fixing your configuration 
first, before considering whether you need to upgrade or not.