I had the same problem some times ago.

I could be corrected by someone, but the glue is the way by which the OL system revert to represent entries that are accessible directly.
I mean, if you have a subtree like this one
ou=a --> ou=b --> ou=c

Assume that your ou=b entry is not available anymore for any reason. The system represent it wuth an entry ou=b of objectClass=glue.

The cause of my problem was related to bad ACLs. So when my n-way multi-master systems tried to replicate them selves reverted to represent the entry in that way.
Suggestion: check with slapacl if your entry is accessible by clients (modifiers, master replicas, ecc...).


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 7:06 PM, karthik kumar <kumarkarthikn@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi ..

Few of my ldap entries got changed like this

objectClass: glue
objectClass: top
structuralObjectClass: glue

Those glued entries are not showing up in the ldapsearch. I took a dump and from the ldif file, realized the objectClass/ structuralObjectClass got changed.

I wanted to recover my ldap. So removed all those entries ( including the childnodes ). ldapadd them back from a previous dump ( which wasnt glued). But after some time when I access those entries from application, they get glued.

Can you please advice how do I recover my ldap from this.

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