Thanks for the feedback Michael.

> Subject: Re: Attribute syntax and search filters
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> Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 09:34:49 +0100
> Michael wrote:
> > I originally had a request from developers to allow substr searches on the
> > "drawId" integer attribute you see below. As you know, substr searches on
> > integers are not supported so I changed the schema and modified the
> > attribute type to a numeric string. This worked as expected but now they
> > are coming back to me asking why negative numbers are not being matched in
> > their search filters. After some reading I understand the numeric string
> > syntax is used to hold strings comprised of one or more ASCII numeric
> > digits digits and/or space characters. The hyphen is not allowed, so it is
> > not possible to represent negative values. Is there any alternative here?
> Your analysis is correct and the developers have to choose the syntax based on
> the matching they need. They cannot have everything at once.
> Also SUBSTR matching for Integers are most times a nasty work-around for
> interval checking. So they rather might need an ORDERING matching rule.
> Ciao, Michael.