Hi again guys,

Ok, coming back on the technical track.
Nobody replied so I'll ask again.. and few more thoughts actually:

1. Is it okay to stop the daemon, and literally remove the lines from the config files in slapd.d dir? (i.e. actually removing the file in
cn\=config/olcDatabase\=\{0\}config/* )
I presume that something stays in the bdb/hdb or this is just the place of the status counter/pointer?
I know that probably it is a dirty hack but actually when I did that for rootDN password it worked..

Or... I'll ask the question again because there was no answer - is it safe to leave it as is and don't bother?

2. What is the sence at all of having more than one overlay of the same type for a backend? shouldn't it be prohibited by the engine? or is there a use case when it actually is needed?

Question out of curiosity, why the backend doesn't support delete? Issues with deletion of the database or a simple reason like "don't delete your database" or something deeper technically?


Best regards,
Radoslaw Antoniuk