Il giorno gio 25 lug 2019 alle ore 11:31 Giuseppe De Marco <> ha scritto:

My doubts:
Is there any need to change configuration, following ITS#8714 and ITS#8051, to get it to work in Debian10 ?
Am I facing a bug present in openldap 2.4.47 ?

Thank you in advance for everything you would tell me,

Looking into openldap git repository:
git show 2fbecdd756a288c787d8326d6630ab8500058e2f

I read in "/doc/man/man5/slapd-sock.5"

socksuffix  <DN suffix>
Specify subtrees for which the overlay will act. Only operations on
DNs matching the specified suffix(es) will be processed. The default
is empty (all DNs are processed).

This should mean that DN suffixes is not mandatory.