I am running 2.4.11 with ITS 5709 back ported. What I found digging through CVS was that this impacted



ctxcsn.c ->

proto-slap.h  1.670.2.31


I can attach my patch file if that would be helpful.


What we are seeing now is that on our patched version of 2.4.11 that we lose every 32767 or 32768 entry. This is consistent first we lose the 32767 then the 32768 and this pattern continues rotating back and forth.  We pulled the latest RE24 branch and the problem appears to be resolved there. I am not sure if this is a separate ITS, that has been resolved or if there is more to the ITS 5709 that I missed.  Hopefully this problem is distinct enough that someone recognizes it and can point me to the proper fix.


In the test we produced this we were running mirror mode replication and can produce the problem adding 1 million entries via slapadd.


We plan to move forward with 2.4.13 when it’s released but for now we need to go forward with 2.4.11.



Kris Burton 


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