I want to configure an application that only supports LDAP authentication, the challenge I face is that this application should not use the LDAP database to compare user and password, what I need, is to authenticate against a private solution which use its own auth schema, besides the only way to pass credentials to this private solution is using PAM, that is for example: an http proxy use a PAM helper to authenticate, and the PAM config use a PAM module to pass user/password to the private solution. So due to the restrictions, I'm looking to deploy an OpenLDAP server that redirects auth or executes an external program in order to authenticate against the private solution, and finally returns the response to the application that needs the authentication.

So I was looking to the back-perl module to deploy something like that, but I'm not sure it will work.

Does anybody know anything to solve this deployment?

I will appreciate any clue.

Thanks in advance


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