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>> On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 6:26 PM, Jayavant Patil
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>>     >>Mon, 28 Nov 2011 11:25:16 +0100 Raffael Sahli
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>>     >>Hi
>>     >>I think you mean SSL connection or the STARTTLS Layer...?
>>     >>Please read the manual http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/tls.html
>>     >Ok.
>>     >>And tree security:
>>     >>On my server, a client user can only see his own object:
>>     >Are you using simple authentication mechanism?
>>     >>Maybe create a rule like this:
>>     >>access to filter=(objectClass=
>>     >>simpleSecurityObject)
>>     >>      by self read
>>     >>        by * none
>>     >I am not getting what the ACL rule specifies. Any suggestions?
>>      I have two users ldap_6 and ldap_7. I want to restrict a user to
>> see his own data only.
>>      In slapd.conf, I specified the rule as follows:
>>            access to *
>>               by self write
>>               by * none
>>      But ldap_6 can see the ldap_7 user entries (or vice versa) with
>>       $ldapsearch -x -v -D  "cn=root,dc=abc,dc=com" -b
>> "ou=People,dc=abc,dc=com" "uid=ldap_7"
>>    Any suggestions?
>On Wed, 30 Nov 2011 08:38:32 +0100 Raffael Sahli <public@raffaelsahli.com> wrote:
>Yes, that's exactly the rule I wrote above.

>access to filter=(objectClass=
  >   by self read
  >   by * none

>Maybe you have to change the objectClass to posixAccount, or both or

>access to
  >      by self read
    >    by * none

>Just add this rule before the global rule "access to *"

  >>ldapsearch -x -v -D  "cn=root,dc=abc,dc=com" -b
>>"ou=People,dc=abc,dc=com" "uid=ldap_7"

>And if you search like this with bind "admin dn", you will see every
>You have to bind with user ldap_6 and not with root
But anyway client user knows the admin dn and rootbindpassword. So, with this he will look into all directory information to which he is not supposed to do.
e.g. ldapsearch -x -v -D  "cn=root,dc=abc,dc=com" -w cluster

So, how to avoid this?


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