You must already know I'm a French student then i hope you will understand me !! : )

For a project i have to study and make a decision on a new deployment of openldap in the university of Toulouse where i am. for that i read Lot's of sheets on openldap but somethings wrong.

To respect of the multitier application we wants to have a frontend proxy and behind this, 3 N-WAY multimaster servers. I have two different database on my replication, the first is the root DIT (dc=iut,dc=fr)and the second database (de=student) must be chain as an OU in the tree of the first database(ou=student,dc=iut,dc=fr). here is my problem, i want an   unified presentation of DIT but how can i chain my second database in the first ? with chaining overlay on my 3 servers ? with the meta backend ? with the ldap backend ? and if i use one of the both backend must i add an ldif entry referral for that ? do you have some example ? I'm lost !

Thank you very much for your help ! and sorry for my English : )