OK,  but how to spread out read traffic. 
I mean how I can bifurcate read and write go to different nodes. I mean how application decide which node to write and which node to read from.


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> Thanks, 
> Mirror mode configuration cannot be horizontal scaled what I understood
> as writes are going to one of the node, and other act as an active
> standby. 
> I want 2 or more nodes behind a load balancer which can share read/write
> load. A kind of active active setup. 

The point of mirror mode is that only one server in the pool gets writes.
You can horizontally scale that as much as you want, whether there are 2
servers in the pool or 5000.  I.e., as long as write traffic only goes to
one of those servers, you have mirror mode.

Generally I would advise against distributing write traffic (i.e., do
exactly what mirror mode does, direct all write traffic to a single active
node unless it goes down and fail over is necessary).  Spread out read
traffic as desired.



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