I am trying to configure an LDAP proxy towards 2 LDAP targets and I'm using the meta backend as follows:

database meta
suffix ou=A,o=B,c=C
uri ldap://server1/ou=S1,ou=A,o=B,c=C
uri ldap://server2/ou=S2,ou=A,o=B,c=C

It is working fine except for one point : I'm unable to peform a base search on my root node "ou=A,o=B,c=C". It always respond with error code 32 (no such object).

Reading the man page slapd-meta, I understand this is the normal behaviour. But is there a mean to make this root suffix becoming à concrete node ? This point is mandatory for me as many of my client applications are looking for this entry.

I tried to create another backend above this one (using subordinate keyword) in order to host this root note but slapd always complain about the fact the suffix is defined twice.

Thank you very much for your help.