I have configured LDAP successfully on Centos 7. I have integrated it with my Axigen email server. I can authenticate successfully with LDAP.
I can search all the records using ldapsearch command.

ldapsearch -H ldaps://cyberldap.cyber.net.pk:636 -b "o=intranet,dc=cyber,dc=net,dc=pk" -D "cn=manager,dc=cyber,dc=net,dc=pk" -W -x

However, while synchronizing LDAP with my Axigen, I have faced below mentioned error.

2021-11-24 11:17:50 +0500 02 test USERDB:00000001: Failed OpenLdap search basedn(o=intranet,dc=cyber,dc=net,dc=pk), filter((&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson))), error(Other (e.g., implementation specific) error) on domain cyber.net.pk