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Would you mind to provide me more details about the bugs and potential
problems of using Debian packages? I'm not putting your statements in
doubt, I just need to have solid and documented arguments to convince my
boss that this extra work is really needed.

Read the release notes for OpenLDAP:


The FAQ from the Debian OpenLDAP package maintainers:


The use of GnuTLS (What Debian links to instead of OpenSSL) is harmful:


Ok, thanks for the info, I will look into it right away.

I have an additional question about compiling from source: how do you handle upgrades? In Debian, I've just use apt-get upgrade, in the case of compiliing yourself, you just compile and then 'make install'? Is that enough or do you need to do any previous housekeeping? (I'm asking because I haven't found any mention of upgrade in the Administrator's Guide)