Howard Chu wrote:
 If the actual value doesn't matter, try using a collective attribute instead.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. 

I got this working with slapo-collect.  I had to hack the schema to allow the parent object (an organizationalUnit) to have the attributes that I needed (homeDirectory, loginShell, etc).  I presume this is what you'd expect in this case?

Also, it appears that the overlay only looks at the parent object for the collective attributes, not up the tree.  Again, I presume this is as expected but I wanted to double check.

Finally, I found a bug in 2.4.38.  It's probably in the category of "don't do that."  To test what happens when I need an exception, I tried adding a local DN with one of the collective attributes defined explicitly.  When I search on it, slapd crashes.  I'll open a bug with details unless you think I shouldn't. 

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