google search: "attribute tags" returns 4 hits, none to documentation.  Can you point me towards a document that describes how to use attribute tags?

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If I had a multi-valued attribute like
cn: var0:value
cn: var2:value
cn: var3:value

I think you're looking for the valsort overlay.  Read the man page for

If each of those are just arbitrary tags, and not for ordering purposes,
then just using an attribute tag might be the better option.

cn;var0: value
cn;var2: value
cn;var3: value

regarding LDAP and tags I only found this RFC:

But it is about languages tags only. Section 1.3 speaks about "cn;x-bar", so
this is for arbitrary tags?
Is this what you meant or can you point me to something else?

RFC 4512 Section 2.5.2.

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