Quick question:

State 1:
- I have two OpenLDAP slapd servers (ldap1 and ldap2) configured as Multi-master.
- The both have the exact same data between the mirrored directories.
- If I create a new directory entry on one server, it immediately gets mirrored to the second server.
- I'm happy.

State 2:
- One LDAP-Master (ldap1) is down because of whatever.
- Changes to the directory are made on the LDAP-Master which is still up (ldap2).
- Changes are not mirrored to ldap1 because it's down.
- I'm a little worried but still happy.

State 3:
- ldap1 is back up and running, but it's directory is not up to date.
- The changes made to ldap2 in state 2 are not on ldap1 and aren't getting replicated automatically.
- Mirroring again works fine, but ldap1 still doens't know about changes made in state 2.
- I'm confused because I can't seem to find any information on how to recover from this.

I couldn't just delete the directory on ldap1 and import the one from ldap2 because the importing would also be mirrored to ldap2. right?
how would i go about recoverying from a downtime in a multi-master setup?