Low Sensitivity/Aerospace Internal Use Only

Sorry, I thought I had replied back to the list.  Apparently I have to forward my responses to the list.

I am checking into the options you suggested.  I will probably pursue the LTB Project, would you agree that's the better course of action?

Warron French, MBA, SCSA

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> Low Sensitivity/Aerospace Internal Use Only
> Quanah, thank you for responding.

Please keep replies on the list.

> I have since my email updated all of my servers using yum
> kernel-<whatever> update, and gotten my three virtual systems updated all
> to CentOS-6.4, and on the same kernel.  So, can we agree I have addressed
> situation-A?  Or do I need to update further?

Yes, 6.4 is fine.

> As for situation-B, thank you for filling me in.  I was getting really
> frustrated and was starting to think I was doing something wrong.  But,
> can you tell me, does symas or LTB come in a CentOS package format?
> Something I can maintain easily instead of building from source code?

Yes, I suggest you follow the links I provided.



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Low Sensitivity/Aerospace Internal Use Only