Thanks Gavin for immediate response. I have elaborated last answer in a bit detail. 

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On Jul 18, 2012, at 5:01 PM, Gavin Henry wrote:

We are using OpenLDAP at present. But we are anticipating a huge growth in
number of  users.


We are intented to support 300,000 users. Is that possible with
openLDAP?Has any body tried it?

Of course, don't worry. OpenLDAP (not openLDAP) supports millions,
billions and trillions!

Also can i define various roles inside openldap?Can I also define groups
inside openldap?

If you're already using it you must have asked yourself these
questions already? What are you trying to do so we can help explain
the options?
Our requirement is still evolving and authentication is going to be quite complex. We might have groups and groups can have roles/subroles(i.e. a role called doctor  can access as a physician and can access as a admin too). Based on which role user belongs we want to show personalized screens.


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