Hi there,

i got a problem with syncrepl, o at least i think it is a problem.
The consumer runs totally normal for a time and the the logfile shows messages like tge following one.
In fact there are such messages for the whole ldap-entries and the consumer does no replication while
it is "walking" through the database.

Can anyone help me with that and tell me how to avoid ?
Or is it not a problem at all ?

I got 2 other consumers using exactly the same configuration (apart from the rid) ant those servers
do not show the same problem.

Oct 28 14:22:29 dusradius02-pluto-voip slapd[31908]: nonpresent_callback: rid=003 got UUID cf8e7434-574b-102e-9935-cd4b3be449f8, dn qscId=616351,dc=radius,dc=123

thanks, volker