Thanks Dieter,

On point 3. load the whole database into shared memory, I guess I do this setting a big set_cachesize isn't it?


2010/3/12 Dieter Kluenter <>
Echedey Lorenzo <> writes:

> Hi,
> Soon I'll have a x64 Suse machine with 16GB RAM and 4 Intel Cores. We
> need our OpenLDAP Server to be as fast as possible. I wonder which
> DB_CONFIG values are suitable for this. Maybe...
> set_cachesie 14 0 4 set_lg_regionmax 262144 set_lg_bsize 2097152
> ...?
> Directory will have around 6~8 million entries. I'm not sure if they
> will be entirely uploaded to the RAM cache, but at least part of will
> improve speed, I think.
> Any help will be appreciated since my experiences with OpenLDAP
> performance against Sun Directory Server 5.2 has not been good, taking
> several seconds to answer any ldaprequest :(

huh, time ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap://localhost -b
ou=benchmark,o=avci,c=de -s one sn=xxx telephonenumber mail
real    0m0.006s
user    0m0.004s
sys     0m0.000s

1. configure your ldap clients properly, that is, reduce to onelevel
  scope search and unbind decently,
2. put the transaction logs onto a separate disk,
3. load the whole database into shared memory,
4. use a separate partition for the database files and format with
  ext2 fs, we don't need a journaling filesystem,
5. set loglevel 0,
6. implement a log database in order to control write operations
7. check the number of threads

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