Hello out there!

I'm Imre from Hungary and I need some help with LDAP. My main problem is the time. I have 2 weeks to finish a project and a part of it is setting up an LDAP server.
To be honest I'll be a big problem if anybody wishes to help me because there is quite a chaos on my head right now and I'm very desperate. I need someone who I can chat with and he/she can show me ( not just write ) how to manage an LDAP server and how to install the client. I wanted to use Webmin because it looks simple enough, but since I don't really getting the point I can't go onward.
My suggestion is that someone enters my desktop ( with teamview-er optionally ) and shows me the method on a virtual computer.
I would be very, very grateful for you guys. :( PLZ help a poor guy.

Best Regards:
Imre Bertalan