2012/12/7 Victor Sudakov <vas@mpeks.tomsk.su>
Mark Coetser wrote:
> > >
> > >>>> the problem can be that Outlook use SSSVLV controls on attributes
> > >>>> without ordering rules in OpenLDAP. Unfortunately, the 'name'
> > >>>> attribute has no ordering rules,  so you can't sort results on name
> > >>>> (this includes, cn, sn, gn attributes, because they inherit from
> > >>>> name). We do not have this limitation on AD (but it breaks LDAP
> > >>>> standard).


Could you be more specific which LDAP standard it breaks? Is there an
explicit prohibition for the 'name' attribute to have ordering rules?
In the RFCs somewhere?

You saw it in your patch. RFC4519.
If you read RFC4519, you can see the "name" definition is derived from X.520.
So it breaks both RFC4519 and X.520.