It is a question about the setting when I use slapd.d.
 1.I acquire PID information in the following scripts, but will not have any problem?
    $config_file appoints slapd.d directory.
  pid_file=`sed -ne \
           's/^olcPidFile:[[:space:]]\+\(.\+\)[[:space:]]*/\1/p' \
           "$config_file"/'cn=config.ldif' 2>/dev/null`

 2.I am going to acquire information to use in the following scripts in ldapsearch -b.
    for suffix in `find "$config_file"/'cn=config' -type f -name olcDatabase* -exec \
                   sed -ne 's/^[[:space:]]*olcSuffix:[[:space:]]\+\(.\+\)/\1/p' {} \;`

The script mentioned above is a part of a script for slapd monitoring to use it in pacemaker.
Because ldap is not an expert, I want to hear the opinion of the person of the expert.