I'm using the example code from the Novell site to perform a Java JLDAP search by uid of my directory.


the one called "search.java"

My program does this: the main java class prompts the user over and over (it's in a while(true) loop) for search parameters, then executes this search.java method. I'm using this (above) code as is except for the Systems.exit(0).

The first time it runs it returns the correct result...but every run after that it returns 0 results. I have to restart my Java program to get it to return the correct result again. There's no public variables in the way...I'm not sure what could be the issue. I've looked through the LDAPConnection.java and nothing looks looks like anything that would corrupt, clear a cache, or queue, or do anything more than what the disconnect (should) does.

Anyone run into this?...or have any ideas?