Hi  folks. I am having a problem with index creation and am wondering if anyone here has seen this or knows what may be happening.

We recently deployed a new proxy server product in our environment and have been working with the vendor to resolve some problems. This device connects to our existing LDAP server environment though a new database we added, per the vendor’s requirements. One of the problems I am seeing is that, since the addition of this device, we are getting a lot of of the “<= bdb_equality_cadidates: (uniqueMember) not indexed”  messages showing up in the slapd log files. In order to resolve this, I’ve attempted to create a new  equality index on this attribute however no matter what I do, slapindex will not create an index! The following steps were done:

  1. Shut down Slapd
  2. Modify the slapd.conf file and add the “index uniqueMember eq” entry to the current list of indexes.
  3. Save the slapd.conf file.
  4. Navigate to the current path for the database files and delete all existing index “bdb” files.
  5. Run a slapindex –f (location of slapd) -b (suffix of database to reindex)
I’ve done this several times, once without deleting the current index files and then a few others after I’ve deleted the current index files. The slapindex tool will recreate all of the indexes except the “uniqueMember” index. I do not see an index file for this, and of course starting slapd back up results in the same messages in the log.

So, what could be causing this? Is it possible that the vendor is using a filter improperly? If there is no data in the uniqueMember attribute for any of the records would it prevent slapindex from creating an index file?

Any help would be appreciated!