Yes, it's why I want to use BDB 4.2 and not 4.3. I have also patched OpenLDAP 2.2.52 with some patchs, but I didn't see anything about Berkeley DB whithin this patchs.

Before I read your first answer, I tried to compile OpenLDAP with configure --libdir=<where is BDB 4.2 libs> but there no results. But after, I compile BDB 4.2 with configure --prefix=/usr/local and then, OpenLDAP configure found the good libs \o/

So now it's seems to works.

Thansk for your support !

2008/5/7 Hallvard B Furuseth <>:
Benjamin Bellec writes:
> BDB 4.2 is the problem. My server use BDB 4.3 and I don't now how to
> tell OpenLDAP to use BDB 4.2 instead of 4.3.

By the way, BDB 4.3 is a lousy version to use with OpenLDAP anyway, bad
enough that OpenLDAP configure rejects it.

BDB 4.2.52 is likely your best choice if you have a choice - provided
you get the patches for that version on Oracle's website.  With OpenLDAP
2.2, also apply openldap-2.2.30/build/BerkeleyDB42.patch to bdb.  If you
can't do that, read the notes for these patches about what they fix.