iíll look into that, though iím most interested if thereís any way to avoid rebuilding indexes with the architecture switch, by making the configuration match the amd64 defaults

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> why? to be clear I'm experimenting on a smaller ephemeral test instance
> with non prod data, so there's no risk to trying things.

The man page spells it out pretty clearly:

     index_hash64 { on | off }
              Use a 64 bit hash for indexing. The default is  to  use  32
              hashes.   These  hashes  are  used  for  equality  and
              indexing. The 64 bit  version  may  be  needed  to  avoid
              collisions  when  the  number  of  indexed  values  exceeds
              million. (Note that substring indexing generates multiple
              values  per  actual attribute value.)  Indices generated with
              bit hashes are incompatible with the 64 bit  version,  and
              versa.  Any  existing  databases  must  be  fully  reloaded
              changing this setting. This directive is only  supported  on
              bit CPUs.

I'm assuming that you have substring indices, and given the large size of
your database you may start having hash collissions.

You most likely also want to configure olcBkMdbIdlExp, sortvals, and
multival if you haven't.


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