I want to restrict the cipher suites used in OpenLDAP so that only TLS1.2 is supported.

Looking at https://openldap.org/doc/admin24/tls.html, I first tried setting olcTLSCipherSuite to "HIGH" but the LDAP server gave an error 80 and then stopped accepted further connections until I restarted it.

Since our OpenLDAP installation has been built with GnuTLS, I'm presuming that I have to explicitly list out the GnuTLS cipher suites I want to use. I've used gnutls-cli to list out the cipher suites that support PFS and then extracted the ones that are TLS1.2.

So, just to confirm, do I need to provide a colon-separated list of each and every cipher suite or is there a GnuTLS shorthand that I can use?