On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Brian Reichert <reichert@numachi.com> wrote:
On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 05:48:56PM +0200, Prashanth P.Nair wrote:
> Thanks Brian
> Yes.i have back up script which runs as root. But it stores the back file
> in different location .

That script looks safe, but you didn't answer my other question:

> > Does that node run any of the db_checkpoint utilities as a user
> > other than your openldap UID?

Thanks Brian.

Could you  please let me know how that can be checked?

I have these utlilites. But nothing is running.

root@02:~# db
db4.8_archive         db4.8_hotbackup       db4.8_sql             dbus-cleanup-sockets  dbus-uuidgen
db4.8_checkpoint      db4.8_load            db4.8_stat            dbus-daemon
db4.8_deadlock        db4.8_printlog        db4.8_upgrade         dbus-monitor
db4.8_dump            db4.8_recover         db4.8_verify          dbus-send

root@02:~# ps -ef| grep db4.8_checkpoint
root     15319 15251  0 17:30 pts/0    00:00:00 grep db4.8_checkpoint

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