The documentation for back-sql indicates that it is experimental and warns against using it in a production environment.  It also says that it is not intended as a general purpose back-end for OpenLDAP.  My organization is looking at doing both of those things and I am trying to convince them not to do so.  It is proving to be a difficult thing to do. 


Initially, I found the results of a performance analysis of back-sql that showed it was significantly slower than BDB and used that as an argument.  I was asked to prove it so I built a prototype.  The prototype showed that, at least for our purposes, performance was not an issue.


Now I am falling back on the documentation, but very few people are listening.  I fear that if we continue down the path we are on we will face significant problems with back-sql.  I was hoping someone on the list could provide me with more concrete technical information as to why back-sql should not be used as a general purpose backend for OpenLDAP and/or in a production environment.


Any information is greatly appreciated.




Craig Worgan


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