I have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux v4.4 installation that runs OpenLDAP 2.2 using the provided Red Hat rpm’s. I want to upgrade this to OpenLDAP 2.3 and have created an LDAP server using the packages from http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/rhel4/openldap/i386 The problem I have is that I cannot get a client to attach or query the server. I have installed the openldap2.3-clients and openldap2.3 packages and the server with logging enabled does not even show a connection. I suspect it is a problem with the nss_ldap package that comes bundled with RHEL 4.4.


I cannot compile the software on my system as it is a partial install for clients of ours and does not get delivered with compiler software.


Does anyone know of an updated rpm for nss_ldap to be compatible with openldap2.3 and RHEL 4?


Has anyone done the install and written an install guide?


Thanks Martin