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Which is where I am having trouble.  I believe that deleting the {0}
element should keep the {1} and move it up to the correct position.  

I do this extensively, and it works fine.  What OpenLDAP release are you on?


I was afraid you were going to ask that.  We are running the Redhat 6 supported  2.4.40-7.el6_7.  We have a policy here of sticking with the redhat supported releases of packages since our staff is so small.  

I really need to resolve this for an important project here. Of course the project is behind schedule and I am left with little time to get my stuff working.  I was hoping my syntax was just incorrect.  The only other way I can image fixing this is to revert to slapd.conf ....  

I guess the good news is that my steps and syntax look okay to you.  If you have any other thoughts I would happily accept them.


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