I could see some stats from mdb-stat tool as mentioned below,

mdb_stat.exe -rne "C:\openldap\mdb\data.mdb"
Environment Info
  Map address: 0000000000000000
  Map size: 268435456   (we have set the value as ‭104,857,600,000,000‬ in mdb.c and back_mdb.h files, but it has taken only 256 MB, not sure why?)
  Page size: 4096
  Max pages: 65536
  Number of pages used: 65527
  Last transaction ID: 9555
  Max readers: 126
  Number of readers used: 0
Reader Table Status
(no active readers)

when i try to increase to set the dbMaxSize it fails,

addDbMaxSize.ldif  has content as mentioned below,

dn: olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config
changetype: modify
add: olcDbMaxSize
olcDbMaxSize: 1073741824

olcDbMaxSize: 1073741824  - stops the service in windows

openldap \bin>ldapmodify -H ldaps://localhost:6565 -D cn=admin,cn=config -w d -f addDbMaxSize.ldif
modifying entry "olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config"
ldap_modify: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error (80)
        additional info: failed to reopen database, rc=87

olcDbMaxSize: ‭536870912‬ - failed as below

openldap \bin>ldapmodify -H ldaps://localhost:6565 -D cn=admin,cn=config -w d -f addDbMaxSize.ldif
modifying entry "olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config"
ldap_modify: Invalid syntax (21)
        additional info: olcDbMaxSize: value #0 invalid per syntax

back-mdb.h  -  we added as below
#define DEFAULT_MAPSIZE (10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 1048576)

mdb.c - we added as below 
#define DEFAULT_MAPSIZE (10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 10 * 1048576)  
if ((i = mdb_env_read_header(env, &meta)) != 0) {
        if (i != ENOENT)
            return i;
        DPUTS("new mdbenv");
        newenv = 1;
        env->me_psize = env->me_os_psize;
        if (env->me_psize > MAX_PAGESIZE)
            env->me_psize = MAX_PAGESIZE;
        memset(&meta, 0, sizeof(meta));
        mdb_env_init_meta0(env, &meta);
        meta.mm_mapsize = DEFAULT_MAPSIZE;
    } else {
        env->me_psize = meta.mm_psize;

1. i am not getting why the size of the map (as per the stats info given above) - 256 MB (268435456) only ? please provide me a clue once to understand this.
2. Kindly let me know how to get debug logs ? i use DPRINTF, DPUT in mdb.c but dint get see as logs printed.!

We observed this in Windows 2012 R2 and Window10 OS x64 Arch machines.

Vijay Kumar

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> Thanks for your reply I do know that info for windows also is it the
> same.? I am unable to use stats tool also.

As I already stated, the maxsize parameter specifies the maximum size the
database can reach.

> As I don=E2=80=99t see any reply from our many mails to
> openldap-technical@openldap.org I have created this case to clarify.

The openldap-technical list is only open to subscribers, if you want to
post to it you must subscribe first.

> Why don=E2=80=99t you forward the query to the concerned team instead
> closi= ng.

Your query would not be forwarded because you failed to read and/or
understand the documentation.  This system is for bug reports only.

> No reply to us.!

I did reply.  This is clearly shown in the ITS.

> Please let us know answer to solve a issue.!

I already provided you the answer in my earlier response.  Set an
approprate maxsize setting, the default of 10MB is clearly too low.



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