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I have set the "pwdInHistory" attribute to 5 in password policy and set forbidden their reuse in config.inc.php of Self Service Password. As below shown:





But it seems not working, my password is following:

First time password: AAbb1122

Second time password: CCdd3344

Third time password: AAbb1122, same with the first time password, it has been modified successfully.





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You may set the "pwdInHistory" attribute to 5 to store the last 5 passwords used, and forbid their reuse.


Le 14/02/2019 à 10:35, Matthieu Cerda a écrit :

> Yes, you might want to use the password policy (ppolicy) overlay:

> https://kb.symas.com/v2.4.45.2/man5/slapo-ppolicy/


> Le 14/02/2019 à 07:58, Tian Zhiying a écrit :

>> Hi


>> Is there a feature that OpenLDAP password policy can forbidden user password reuse of the last 5 password?


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