Set up 4 way MMR setup with 2.4.37, centos 6. 

Reading the doc[0] indicates that adding the URL is an optional and is used to avoid future serverID collision and using the number alone does work without any issue. 
Based on that information, i created 3 MMR setup with each provider with unique serverids and unique rid within each sever pointing to other providers.

I have seen examples where each provider has multiple serverIDs (all providers), as the doc indicates, this is possible only if URL option is specified. Since i didnt use the URL, i only configured single serverID per the provider in the global cn=config. 

I had tested cn=config with 2 MMR and i didnt see the CSN too old, ignoring message in the log. But, when i set it up to be 3 way MMR, i am seeing this msg with new sync where other provider sends do_synrepl2 to the original provider and hence CSN too old, ignoring is logged. 

I searched the mailing list and some of the reputable members here have mentioned it is due to wrong MMR serverID setup. Could you point out if serverid without URL may be the culprit to this problem? I see no other issues other than this, replication to other consumers work fine and data are in synced. 

my setup serverID and rid setup. 

serverID 1 
rid 000 for replicating from serverID 2 
rid 001 for replication from serverID 3

serverID 2
rid 000 for serverID 1
rid 001 for serverID 3

serverID 3
rid 000 for serverID 1
rid 001 for serverID 2

Thank you