Hi Nick,

Thanks again.  I definitely read plenty of praise for LTB, so I will investigate for sure.  Also, thanks on the pointer about scope, filter, etc.
If I can determine anything specific I've done wrong, etc. I'll certainly update.


On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 4:48 PM, Nick Milas <nick@eurobjects.com> wrote:
On 25/5/2012 10:20 ìì, Steve Reveliotty wrote:

I'm hoping I just missed something in the configuration, and that 2.4.23-20.el6.x86_6 (which looks to be the latest in RedHat's repo), will work, rather than build 2.4.31 from source.  We use Puppet to manage as much as possible, and while we do have our own in house repo for custom packages, I'd want to have more of an idea that the distro provided rpms definitely won't work with replication before bothering to build one, though I can certainly test from ltb (though that thread mentions "excluding synrepl providers"?).

I don't see anything bad in your config (though I am not an expert). Someone else might provide better feedback on that.

v2.4.23 available from the RHEL repo should work without problems, but I would not advise you to use it in production. Retry by recreating (slapadd) / re-indexing your db and restart the server. You could also try re-installing your OL server RPM.

However, it is strongly suggested to use v2.4.31. LTB is free and full-featured (this is what we use). Symas Silver is free but does not offer syncrepl provider. Symas Gold is full-featured but not free.

Also, no need to specify filter, scope and attrs since you are replicating everything.

Here is my working consumer setup:

  syncrepl rid=111
           retry="60 +"