My recent experience is OpenLDAP on Ubuntu. I thought I would go with OpenLDAP's guide because they should know better, but the quick start was for older versions or something and hadn't been updated.

I like documentation systems that allow for user feedback, comments, or patches via github. If you want community improvements then maybe low hanging fruit is a link in the doc template on how to interact with the documentation.... If the current docs platform has no mechanism for feedback and comments on a specific document, the source code/ build process is obscure ... Maybe consider porting even a "fork " to github and solicit community feedback (you can file issues in a familiar mechanism, and take in patches from dudes like me...)

For what it's worth, the Ubuntu OpenLDAP quick start guide and only a few minor hiccups, and I would recommend that resource for anyone looking to implement or update a quickstart guide.

The Faq-o-Matic ... Man a modern stack overflow site might be nice but a question in the back of my mind is whether the advice is still useful. I don't know if the FoM does this but if the answers showed dates then I could evaluate an answer that's say 2-4 years old with greater confidence than say something 12 years old ... One of the challenges of a venerable, old and mature project like OpenLDAP.

I guess what I'm trying to say, from my mobile phone, is if the documentation were more "agile" in engaging the community for identifying issues and taking in corrections, we may all be happier.

I would be open to volunteering to port docs...


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