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>This appears to be a
>combination of colleges only teaching SQL (if they teach anything about
>databases at all) and again, HR-oriented software only interacting with
>(if they interact with external systems at all). Would be happy to see

To be fair learning sql is easier. I didn't learned it from school, but after installing postgres on my computer and fired up psql with a good reference book on hand, I could conjure up simple database schemas and simple queries in a matter of hours.

What openldap needs to gain mind share is an easy way to play with it. Something like psql, a shell that let you do DDL, DML and query by trial and error.

Like ldapvi ? (

Or if you like GUIs, Apache Directory Studio ? (directory.apache.org/studio) (which by the way allows you to launch an internal ldap server in matter of seconds, and play with it)

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