Have you tried --with-tls without the =openssl?

On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 7:13 PM Scott Classen <sclassen@lbl.gov> wrote:

I’m making some progress with building 2.5.6 on my CentOS 7 machine, but I am stuck getting TLS support

First I installed openssl version 1.1.1 from the epel repository:

sudo yum install  openssl11.x86_64   
sudo yum install  openssl11-devel.x86_64   
sudo yum install  openssl11-libs.x86_64 
sudo yum install  openssl11-static.x86_64

Then download and configure openldap:

wget https://www.openldap.org/software/download/OpenLDAP/openldap-release/openldap-2.5.6.tgz
tar zxvf openldap-2.5.6.tgz
cd openldap-2.5.6/


./configure --with-tls=openssl

checking openssl/ssl.h usability... yes
checking openssl/ssl.h presence... yes
checking for openssl/ssl.h... yes
checking for SSL_export_keying_material_early in -lssl... no
configure: error: Could not locate TLS/SSL package

Any idea how I might get past this? I can configure, make depend, and make if I don’t specify the "--with-tls=openssl” option, but my understanding was that TLS was essential for OpenLDAP.