On 02-10-14 16:30, Michael Ströder wrote:
Jonas Kellens wrote:
can you tell me where I can change the index minimum length or point me to the
right documentation ?
See directives index_substr_*_minlen in slapd.conf(5)


attributes olcIndexSubstr*len in slapd-config(5)

Ciao, Michael.

Thank you for pointing me to the right information.

I have -however- an extra question.

The man file states :

index_substr_if_minlen <integer>
              Specify the minimum length for subinitial and subfinal indices. An attribute value must have at least this many characters in order to be processed by the indexing  functions.
              The default is 2.

If the default is 2 (as mentioned in the documentation), then why does every look-up takes very long even with 2 characters in the search string ??

The look-up speeds up when there are at minimum 4 characters used in the search string. When using 1, 2 or 3 characters the search is very slow.

Are you sure this is the correct parameter to edit ?

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