For information, the LDAP Toolbox Community is providing packages for OpenLDAP.

For now, only 2.4.59 packages are available (see https://ltb-project.org/download), but we are about to release a 2.5.7 version.



Le 23/08/2021 à 14:15, Saša-Stjepan Bakša a écrit :

Does anyone maintain PPA for OpenLDAP 2.5.5 PPA for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?
On the Symas page, there is a package only for  2.4.59+dfsg-1ppa~bionic1 and since Quanah recommends the latest version for using dynlist I am in a bit of a problem. I just can't find the proper deb package for Ubuntu.

Well to be honest, there is one for the latest Ubuntu but that one is still under development and I can't use that in production.

Switching to another distro? Well, after so many years using Ubuntu I am not fond of the idea of switching to another distro.

Building it from scratch? Maybe, if I can create an Ubuntu building environment.


Saša-Stjepan Bakša