I have fallen in love with phpLdapAdmin. It does everything I could want and more.  I am running it in on load balanced apache servers with sasl auth.  My http kerberos ticket (from mod_auth_kerb) authenticates me and the sasl gives me the access to the DIT I am allowed.  cn=config works with no issues once configured properly.  I can also change icons used to make the environment look nicer

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Sorry to butt in, but the apache studio works with openldap too? I was under the impression it was just for ApacheDS. If it works with openldap I might give it a shot as it has been rather sticky with the other tools I've tried.

ApacheDS works, but I have had problems of misbehavior with cn=config in the past (it has spoiled my config for unidentified reasons). Yet, I have not recently (in the last one and a half year) used it.

I am regularly using JXplorer (http://jxplorer.org/) both for DIT and config editing and I am pretty satisfied with it.

it has been mentioned before. I very much enjoy the simplicity of ldapvi for cn=config.


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