When I use "sync_use_subentry true" I do not see any contextCSN in the database.  I did a search on cn=ldapsync,o=chi01,ou=studios,dc=methodstudios,dc=net and found nothing.   I also did a "slapcat | grep -i contextcsn" and found nothing.  The sync seems to be walking all the entryUUID every time.  Is this because I am doing a refreshOnly sync?  Do both the producer and consumers need sync_use_subentry?

On 10/24/2013 12:27 PM, Philip Guenther wrote:
On Thu, 24 Oct 2013, Robert Minsk wrote:
A summary of what I posted below .  I have several subordinate databases 
and each subordinate database acquires there data via a refreshOnly 
syncrepl. Instead of storing the contextCSN on the subordinate database 
the contextCSN gets stored on the superior database.  As a result the 
superior databases contextCSN is the maximum of the subordinate 
databases.  This causes all but the syncprov server with the latest 
contextCSN to abort the sync with "consumer state is newer than 

It seems a configuration option needs to be added that allows storing 
and reading of the contextCSN on the subordinate databases as well as 
the maximum contextCSN on the superior database.
Sounds like you're looking for "sync_use_subentry true", to be used
in the database contexts of the consumers.

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