I’m trying to get a Web Application to authenticate to OpenLDAP.  I have one user account that I am binding as (user: webldapauth).  I have another user account that I am trying to log in via the application (user: webuser).  The “webuser” is in a OU called “WebAppUsers”.  With an LDAP Browser, I can bind to LDAP as both users.  But, when I try to log in to the web app, I’m binding with the user “webldapauth”, but cannot log in with the “webuser” account.  The web application calls are good because I can point it to an ActiveDirectory server and it works fine.  This is my first attempt with OpenLDAP.  I believe there is a configuration problem with OpenLDAP, but I’m not sure where to look or troubleshoot at.  Would anyone be able to provide any guidance?  I’ve looked at the manuals and other help files, but nothing has worked so far.