Openldap gurus,


This maybe a networking issue rather than configuration but I thought I’d run it by you guys to see if this can work. For replication, does ldap care whether I use a server redirect on the /etc/hosts file rather than the actual FQDN or IP address? I have two ldap systems behind a firewall with ldap ports 389 and 636 allowed thru. A redirect was setup to be able to get to these two systems. I set up a third ldap server outside the firewall and could not get it to replicate with other two servers by using the allowed redirect address. The two internal system replicate data just fine.


So for example, it is suggested to add the 3 servers FQDN and IP addresses each of their /etc/hosts file and ensure they can see/communicate with eachother.







My setup looks like this: /etc/hosts

Server1andserver2redirect.local.srv (redirect that routes ldap traffic to the two internal servers)



Can this work? If yes, what am I missing?


Thank you,